Ultimate Bait Bridles

The Ultimate Bait Bridles (UBB) is the perfect solution for presenting live and dead baits. Bridling allows baits to swim more naturally and livelier which results in greater hook-up efficiency. Since the hook is fully exposed, a smaller hook may even be used.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I attach the bridles?

a. It is best to attach the bridles to the hook before you open the bridle. Simply place the hook points between the rubber insert and the small upper metal loop of the bridle. (see diagram on label) After attaching to the hook, open the bridle and push the point through the bait and reclose. You can also push the rubber towards the hook to tighten the connection.

2. Where should I attach the bridle to the bait?

a. That is dependent upon what type of fishing you are doing. If you are trolling or fast drifting, you must attach the bridle at the head. We usually place the bridle through the top of the eye socket or the nostrils. Always strive to get the hook positioned as close to the front of the bait as possible. If slow drifting or free lining, you can bridle the bait anywhere. I often bridle behind the dorsal or anal fin in that circumstance.

3. What size bridles do I need?

a. What size you choose depends upon the hook size and bait size. In general, the small bridles work great on baits up to 8 inches. The large bridles are perfect for baits from 6 inches to over 16 inches and the offshore are best for baits over 14” as well as hooks up to 20/0. (Remember – you can use smaller hooks since the entire hook will be exposed.)

4. Will the bridles rust?

a. No. The bridles are made of spring stainless steel and will not rust and they can be bent back into shape if they get deformed after catching a few fish.

5. Do the rubber inserts wear out?

a. Yes, eventually the rubber will wear out and can easily be replaced. The small and large bridles have rubber cut from 1/8 inch surgical tubing. The offshore uses 3/16 inch tubing. You can use the “contact us” feature on this website and request replacements. (Shipping costs will likely apply.)

6. Do the bridles need to be sharpened?

a. No, but they can be. The small bridle is generally sharp enough to penetrate most bait. If you are not going through the nostrils or eye sockets, then the large and offshore will benefit from sharpening to more easily penetrate the skin. This can be accomplished by filing or simply snipping the tag end of the wire on a sharp diagonal with cutting pliers.

7. Can I use the bridles with eels?

a. We don’t suggest using the bridles with eels. The hook is almost totally exposed when using eels even without the bridle, so there is no need. The problem that bridles address and solve is not present.

8. Can I surf cast using the bridles?

a. The bridles are designed to open and with hard casts and large baits that will likely happen. Underhand casts are not an issue.

                                                                            Ultimate Fishing Float

1. Can I use any bottle for the Ultimate Fishing Floats?

a. Not all bottles have the same thread design for their caps. The UFF fits Coca-Cola tm bottles from 12 ounces to 2 liters and seals perfectly. Some other soda bottles will work as well. If your bottle doesn’t make a watertight seal, just add a bit of plastic wrap over the top of that bottle to help seal it.

2. Will the UFF rust?

a. No. All components are either ABS plastic or stainless steel.

3. Can I get replacement parts?

a. Absolutely! In the very unlikely event that any part wears out, it will be replaced free of charge. ( Shipping costs may apply)

4. Does the UFF work with braided lines?

a. Yes. The UFF works with braids and mono of all sizes. It is infinitely adjustable-just tighten the adjustment knob to the desired release tension.

5. What is the sinker slide used for?

a. Most of the time, the UFF is attached to your main line using only the DuoLock snap. Occasionally, when using very light lines and small terminal tackle, the sinker slide is used to prevent the UFF from sliding off the main line over the terminal tackle.

6. Do you have any additional tips for using the UFF?

a. Sure. To distinguish different floats, add a few sprays of paint inside the bottles. (Just be sure to let the bottle dry completely, or use plastic wrap, before attaching the cap or it might fuse to the bottle.) You can also add reflective tape to the outside of the bottles. At night, add a Cyalume or LED stick light inside the bottle to illuminate them. You can also use the UFF by itself as a release clip or flat line while trolling or drifting.