Customer comments on Bait Bridles and Fishing Floats

June, 2022 

They seem to work pretty well!
Caught a bunch more today with them and converted a buddy who was bridling. I’ve been impressed on how well they stay with the hook. Thought that I’d be losing a lot of them.
April, 2022
Love your products
We use them on Macs in cape cod with Circle hooks - and they are very helpful in live releases especially with shorts.
Bringing these to the Keys next week - will try them out down there - and send any pics of success!
Keep up the good work!

Mike DeAnzeris
Mission accomplished! Fish caught, Memories Made.  Sophia (15)  Mikey (12) and Dad.
Out fished straight hook in the bait!
Mike DeAnzeris

 August 4, 2021

I got turned onto your UFFs on a trip I did with a buddy from Montauk a few weeks ago. He showed me how to use them in lieu of balloons when putting out sword baits. When I got home, the next day I went right to Whitewater in Hampton Bays and found some there. Game changer for sword fishing as far as I'm concerned. A HUGE improvement over balloons, which I always hated using due to pollution. Great product! It's all I'll use for deep baits from now on.

 Matt R.

June 19, 2021
They work awesome.  Went from a 20% hook up ratio to 90% ratio. Game changer when using circle hooks. 
Joe Diorio
June 18, 2021

Thanks Dean - I have actually been using them this past week with John Kurtak who found your bridles after we had a frustrating fishing trip where we lost a few big stripers!  Since we've been using the bridles we've caught so many fish I can't keep count.  We fish (trolling and casting) in the rocks up here using your bridles with live mackerel that we catch.  Unfortunately we've lost a number of bridles in the process!  They work great.  Now that circle hooks are the requirement, these make a huge difference hooking up!

Can't wait for them to arrive!


Stephen Daniels


June 17, 2021

I have to say, I was skeptic. To much snake oil out there. They really do work, mainly by keeping the bunker alive. Every catch was right on the lip.
I am telling all my friends about it.
I will be ordering more soon.
Carlos Gomez
June 17, 2021

I am a huge fan of these as they work tremendously for mackerel and herring, and I have a few fellow friend fisherman hooked on them that have ordered them recently.  I am actually stocking up as I will be starting a charter service in Maine as soon as my packet gets approved and my Captain’s license is printed and received!  Most likely will be stocking up again in the near future, thanks!

 Take care, stay safe, and be well!

 Paul Korenkiewicz


June 1, 2021

I used them the other day on alewives and they worked great !   Thanks for a great product. 
Dennis Swan
June 1, 2021
Thanks dean I’ve been using them for a few years now & love them. I’m in IG @bassappeal .
Adrian Moeller
April 29, 2021

Hi Dean

Just to let you know I hooked up on tuna 5 times after purchasing your product late last year.


Bob Malfa